OpenGL mini project – “3D Laptop”

3D Laptop

“3D Laptop” is a OpenGL project done by me for VTU 6th sem CG mini project. I used c++ with glut library to develop this. It has many features like

  • Rotation of whole laptop in x,y and z axis (independently).
  • Close/open lid.
  • Turn on/off the screen of laptop.
  • 3D keyboard which looks realistic.

You can watch demo video of “3D Laptop” below

Download the test application using the link below

3D Laptop – OpenGL CG project (rev 1).zip (link 1)

3D Laptop – OpenGL CG project (rev 1).zip ( link 2 google drive)

If you need source code, you will have to pay for it. I am charging some amount for the source code as I have worked for many hours on this project.

Contact me at to buy the source code


Images :


Start page of “3D Laptop”

3D-Laptop_Side_view_with monitor off

Lid is open and screen is turned off

3D-Laptop_With screen just turning on

Screen/Laptop turning on

3D-Laptop_With screen turned on

Screen/Laptop completely turned on


Lid is half closed


3D Keyboard keys (Laptop viewed from top)


“3D Laptop” has been developed using Visual Studio 2010 and glut libraries.  Programming language used is C++. It also works perfectly in Dev C++ and Codeblocks IDE.

Please contact me at if you have any questions.